1-bed flat or large studio flat wanted

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Hi, everyone.<br><br>I'm looking for a new place for me, the iguana (in a big cage), and a few bicycles.<br>My very first big requirement is: peace and quiet. For the past four years I've lived under and above inconsiderate people, coming home late with visitors and forcing me to use earplugs. I don't have a TV or a stereo, listen to music mainly via mp3 player and I rarely have visitors, and if, we're respecting other people's rights.<br>I'm looking for something permanent. Ideally with a garden where I can get my hands dirty and store my bikes. I know, it's quite a lot of requirements, but if you don't ask, you don't get, right? <br>I've set the <b>highest price at 200pw.  </b><br>Please PM me to discuss more details.<br><br>Cheers, <br><br>Stella<br>


  • I'm moving out of my flat. It's Turnpike Lane (a couple of minutes' walk from the tube station), so might not be the right area for you. It ain't big, but I've always had plenty of room. It's got a terrace which I would think would be big enough to put some sort of bike shed in it. I've been paying £600 per month, but I don't know if they'll put the price up or not. It's incredibly quiet. I've lived there four years and loved it. If you're interested I can private message the email address of the guy at the letting agency who's dealing with it.<br>
  • PM'd you. As, I'm sure, have many others. Sounds like a perfect single spot. <br><br>Why are you moving out? I don't need too much space, it's the iguana who needs it. haha. He's got a generous house in my house. <br>
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  • @Stella, I'm moving out because my boyfriend got drunk and asked me to move in with him ;)<br>
  • Misscara: I know it's pretty tough. I'd love to stay in this area as I really like it here, plus my boxing club is close by, so is the park. 200 is plus bills. Getting it for less is almost a miracle.<br><br>Idoru: that's one of the best reasons to move out. :-)<br>
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  • Best advice I have is join Twitter. I've seen people offering bargainous local places there - private landlords, not agents.
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    Misscara: that's what I hope for. It would be perfect and I thought I don't have anything to lose, so rather ask here in case someone has something but doesn't want to advertise. <br><br>Annie: I'm on Twitter. May need to pop back in. Thank you for the tip off. I prefer private landlords. <br>
  • Still looking, by the way. <br>
  • I thought you were staying in same building but different flat?
  • Yes, but I'm not happy here. And the previous tenant has left me with a very nasty surprise. Plus I have now black mold coming through in the bathroom. I deeply regret to have taken this flat. Other issues going on I can't and won't discuss openly.<br>
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  • I know. It's shocking how prices have gone up. I'm looking in this area (incl. HL) and in Hackney.<br>
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