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Was going to point out an interesting story about the latest shocker from Labour Hatingey, but perhaps best to leave it alone in case it prejudices the court case.  You can see the Ham&Hi for details anyway...<br>


  • Just seen it. Strewth.
  • There's a job vacancy over there if you fancy a career change....
  • <P>The newspaper suggests it is a personal and private matter.  By mentioning Labour are you saying it isn't ?</P>
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    I'll say only that, *if* found guilty of the charges of perverting the course of justice, it would suggest significantly poor judgment that would obviously seem particularly problematic in a politician. And given that proven incompetence and deliberate misleading of the public (often costing us astronomical amounts of money followed by the perpetrator being 'disciplined' by being sent - ha! - on a training course) appears to be a hallmark of the current Haringey administration, one can't help but reach some more general conclusions about them, yes.<br><br>For what it's worth, I think the more general problems of incompetence and worse that we see from Haringey Labour would happen to any party that had been in power for 60 years. They are utterly disconnected from the needs of their electorate, but demographic factors have given them a block vote for generations. That has been changing in recent years, and I hope it continues to change. Whatever you may think of them, the Lib Dems are out in Stroud Green ward twice a week knocking on doors and trying to find how we can help people. And we have a proven record of doing so. Labour, on the other hand, barely come out except at election times, because they know tribalists like you will vote for them regardless of what they do. <br><br>
  • The Peoples' Republic of Haringey.   I am thankful I live just over the border in Islington - who seem incredibly competent by comparison.   
  • @marko, me too! Islington don't seem to bad at all when you can see Haringey over the horizon.
  • If that weren't enough, the Mayor has now suffered from a severe case of <a href="">foot-in-mouth</a>. <div><br></div><div><br></div>
  • I understand what she meant but yes, she could have expressed it differently!
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