Anyone else had a wing mirror smashed overnight?

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Our car and another on our road (Oxford) had mirrors smashed - after about 3.15am and before 9.15am. Too many twats on this planet.


  • Sorry to hear that. And I agree: too many twats who have nothing better to do than destroy other people's property.<br>
  • Nothing this time but a year or so back we had our windscreen wiper and aerial snapped off. Much sympathy therefore! (And, I should add, nothing similar at any point in the six years we've lived here - so it is still pretty rare ...)
  • I know it's rare, but I just don't get it. Why would anyone think it's something to do?!
  • It's as stupid as is kicking in telephone boxes or bus shelters. People are just twats.<br>
  • Even worse - an utter guttersnake just smashed in my car window and stole the blue badge out of my car on Upper Tollington Park. In broad daylight too! A friend of mine saw him do it, but he sped off on a bicycle before she could say or do anything. I can only walk a few meters and I am totally reliant on that badge to be able to park outside my flat and also everywhere else I go. It'll take a while to get a replacement badge, so I'm in a total pickle. Using day passes this weekend to park at home. Apparently blue badge theft is common, I had no idea. Now they know that my car is that I am too worried to leave a blue badge there again so on Monday we are going to the Council to get a residents permit, I hope they can issue one in a day!
  • Terrible. Same thing happened twice in Lorne Road which is socially worse and has various issues so maybe not so surprising. But bad. Chang
  • Sorry to hear that, @Luirette. The council used to issue pemits on the spot in the Wood Green office, but they've now gone online/post only. Might be an idea to call them on Monday morning to make sure they understand your situation. Hope you called the police? Tthe crime ref no. might persuade the council to waive standard procedure.
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