Serious sexual assualt at Finsbury Park station today


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  • If it happened? Less than two per cent of reported rapes are fake. And most rape and sexual assaults aren't even reported. Understandably given the comment above.
  • UK law isn't in line with other European countries. It is only rape if a penis is involved. If a man, woman or child is penetrated by any other object, however violently, it is sexual assault not rape.
  • And whatever the crime, even if caught red-handed it's never more than an allegation until charged.
  • Also you have to be aware that this will have been written from a police press release issued, which tend to be extremely vague and use non committal language.<br><br>The journalist / paper would have to be very careful to not say much more than was in there and the days of police officers actually properly briefing journalists are long gone. In most forces now it will be non-police officer press teams issuing vague and often in practice unquestionable statements.<br>
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