• Quite clever having the 79s style furniture and look. Fits in quite well with where we are headed with Brexit. Seemed busy last night as I wondered past, no spare tables
  • Seemed to be full of very loud-voiced reconstructed hoorays and 'untsters last Saturday evening. Walked out after three mins. Couldn't stand the "atmosphere".
    exciting menu

    £12 a pint must be a terrifying drink
  • Isn't the soft launch to iron out the cluelessness?

    Were in there on the 15th and spend an hour trying to come up with ways you could sort out the furniture so you didn't get that bottle-neck that prevents you getting to the bar - we didn't come up with anything.

    Also £12 for 2 pints is normal here now I guess - I was at the (Wetherspoons) Drum in Leyton (part of a 12 days of Xmas pub crawl if you are interested) and it was £12 for 5 drinks - I kept querying it with the poor woman.
  • Really decent pub. I agee with the comments regarding the lackadaisical service but the prices are quite acceptable. Remember this is now a pub focusing on craft beer and that's how much it costs. If you don't like it, suggest you go to the Stapleton where the vibe is much better but the drinks selection is poor!
  • Yep it is noticeable that there is a lot less real beer choice since the WLM closed I was finding over the summer that none was available in the pubs at the top end of SGR. It was if to Perth Road
  • The Brave (I'm calling it The Brave now) has four real ale handpumps with some really interesting choices.
  • yeh I was encouraged by that when we where in a couple of Sundays ago. I think we have a real choice of 4 pubs at the top end that are all different and good in their own ways. Not so sure about a constant beer choice or supply.
  • I love the BSR, I love craft beer and I will finally be drinking regularly in Stroud Green Road again. It was such a shame that the Hopsmiths shut on such short notice. Agree with comments regarding atmosphere, I was in last Friday and there was a big group that were being incredibly loud and annoying. I guess they were just having a good time.
  • 'There were people in the pub having fun' - we're all getting old.

    Although if they were wearing jumpers over shirts, criticism is justified.
  • edited December 2017
    If they were wearing jumpers over shirts or dared to utter the word Strouders then Chuck Norris style justice is completely justified.

    Wearing a Gi with a golden dragon stitched on the back at the same time as handing out retribution is not compulsory but definitely preferred.
  • The Brave has really found its feet, especially on the food front. We've had two superb Sunday roasts in recent weeks and both times the place was busy and they had some low-key live music on. Went back on a quieter night for some comfort food - pork schnitzel and kjötbollur (meatballs) with gravy and a side of smoked mash. Far better than the usual 'pub pop-up' cooking - I believe the chefs worked in a gastropub before and it shows. Can highly recommend their chicken croquettes with a pint, too.

    (No, I don't work for them - just thrilled to have some decent pub food at the Crouch Hill end of SG).
  • Their beers are really bloody good too. And the general ambience is great.
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