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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd mention this, coming up in two days time. Below I've copied out the newsletter which gets sent to subscribers and posted on the website every Friday.

I hope we'll see some you there even if you're not market regulars.

Bye for now!



Dear everyone,

I hope you can all come to our Winter Fair this Sunday! We are of course running the market as usual, with all of our stalwart traders out to flog their pies, puddings, plants, potatoes, parsnips, bread, bughouses, kimchi, carrots, cake, cheese, cauliflowers, etc etc all the way through the alphabet. As well as this, though, we’ve managed to recruit some of Haringay’s finest makers in a special one-off craft section: it’ll be a good chance to buy some presents and you may well recognise local people you didn’t know were quite so talented. Christmas Carols will be sung at about 11 o’clock. There will also be mulled wine & hot cider, home made Xmas puddings, mince pies and finest Yorkshire Christmas Trees.

Finally - and he deserves his own paragraph - Brian Watson is bringing a beer van! Brian runs the award-winning Oddly Brewery from an Island in the river. Find out a little more at

All in all it should be good fun. Please drag some friends along and anybody you think might enjoy the day, even if they’re not market regulars.

See you very soon!

Christmas Special

A selection of local potters%2
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