I received a letter addressed to my house number, supposedly from a "Lawrence Singha, Victoria Road" — no other details given. (Such a paucity of information makes me immediately suspicious!) I expect it's part of a neighbourhood-wide mailshot, so most of you have received a similar letter, or will do shortly. It's pushing a website and mobile app for which you have to register (the registration code in the letter matches your house/flat number, so they know where you live), acting as a community hub for local contacts and information, and of course, it's "free".

I'm writing just to say that, whether the site is good or bad, it's a great way for a company to find out a household's interests so it can sell you as a commodity to advertisers—perhaps rather than being "free", they should be paying people to subscribe.


  • I got one from Lawrence from Victoria Road as well. It came in a stamped envelope. You think he would just wonder around the corner and hand deliver
  • When we have Stroudgreen,org, why bother?
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    @Ali , are you suggesting that "Lawrence Singha, Victoria Road" is a fiction engineered to have us believe that this has a genuine local representative???

    Trusting soul that I am, I can't believe that any reputable company would operate such a flimsy and despicable sham!

    I agree with @krappyrubsnif ; why bother with this suspicious Johnny-come-lately?
  • The "quotes" on the home page are truly laughable...

    "I’m really excited about Nextdoor coming to the UK. I know it will be a great tool for bringing our neighbourhood together, whether that's to find other people who want to put on a street party—or to fundraise and volunteer with local charities. The possibilities are endless!"
  • "Coming to the UK"? Not only is it not local, but it's foreign to boot! I'll bet it's one of those American psychopathic corporations, wanting us to eat their poulet au chlore, washed down with hormone-laced milk, medieval Christianity, semi-automatic weapons, and a touch of rebellion. And every third child will be forced to wear a brace.
  • Nextdoor has been around for years. There are a couple of threads on the forum if you search for them
    It's shit.
  • Thanks, @Arkady . I would have looked more into their site if it didn't require signing up with them, which alone is enough to put me right off. I see it had been discussed here a couple of years ago before I joined this site. Seems people were just as wary of it then as I am now.
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    I am Lawrence Singha and i am real as you guys, and not only that i also one running Neighborhood Watch on Victoria Road and connecting road. Also running Street Watch since Jan 2019.

    If you didn't know too i also got pavement renewal program working on our road also report from Street lights, Gas/Water leaks to potholes, cable boxes (cabinet). I have number of contacts from SNT, Police and Haringey.

    Forgot i was a member here (been member since 2007)... when there wasn't much people online and load has change on the site...

    believe me there is no like me who look after roads and filed reported over 300+ (since 2012)

    even EV points are coming too in phase 2 rollout.
  • Well, @lawrence singha , when you send a letter in your own name it’s customary to include your full address. Helps establish credibility, you know?
  • Strangely the letter I received had the stamp printed onto the envelop ie not a stamp. Thought that was strange it looked like a mailshot company sent it. Is there some cash involved in signing folks up ?
  • (I still think there’s something fake or fishy about him. I’ve been back in Victoria Rd for nearly four years now, and I’ve never heard of a neighbourhood watch around here.)
  • always be suspicious of someone who's opening line is - "i'm definitely real"
  • This thread made me laugh:

    I'm imagining how much grief someone would get if they asked for that here.
  • Ha. That's hilarious.

    Although I think I'll be pretty hungover tomorrow, and I do have a 7 month old baby...

    And I do like a good lasagna...

    Anyone want to help?

  • Have a look at @bestofnextdoor on Twitter. People are ridiculous.
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    you can come meet me in person in front of Hutton Court, Victoria Road on Wednesday between 4-5pm, if you have any questions and to see that i am a real person... you can find me ....

    i am part of Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Neighbourhood Plan (welcome to join)

    also known by Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT Stroud Green) Street Watch and NW (most to join NW part of Victoria Road NW)
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