Wireless Sights.

What exciting things has anyone seen on this glorious weekend of the Wireless Festival?

I just popped down to the HSBC at FP and saw some interesting stuff!

A thousand police
Ten thousand security manning the fence, a mix of sunbathing types and hard geezers eyeballing folk.
A guy behind a fence trying to catch his sniffer dog.
A girl who'd started off at too fast a pace and was having a sit down and a covering her legs in vomit, a shart stain on her white hot pants, and gurning like a good 'un.
A guy with huge bulging pockets full of N2O canisters.
And of course the sweet smell of weed filling four postcodes.

Also - I can barely hear it from my garden. Where as last weeks was really clear.


  • They have lost the headline act for Sunday. Been held in Sweden fir two weeks on assault charges
  • Does that mean it will quieter, or there'll be a bored hour at the end where everyone riots?
  • I came though at about 9.30 - not so many punters, but lots, and lots, and lots of rozzers and stewards. And the clink of nos canisters with every step.
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    I thought I had wandered into a mass photo shoot for boohoo.com for a minute on Friday afternoon, then I remembered it was wireless.
  • Pretty tame this afternoon. Two security guards fast asleep at thier posts!
  • I work in Piccadilly and it's Pride today. I see your Wireless sights and raise you London in all its sequined rainbow glory.
  • None of this ridiculous behaviour going on at pride thank you very much.

  • Huge?
    Strong journalism from the sun.

    It does feel pretty tame this year. I was expecting the apocalypse.

  • Rather unexpectedly they're currently playing Serve Somebody by Bob Dylan over the speakers.
  • Very audible from the west-side of the park today. Loud enough in fact to confirm that the council's laughable 'no profanity' licence clause isn't going so well.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    It would appear my neighbor has Airbnb’d their flat for the festival. Got to listen to a repeat of Wireless playing in their garden while I tried to sleep at 5am.
  • Just horrendous. Thankfully it's finished...
  • Horrendous? What happend?
  • Wireless happened.
  • Oh OK.
    Boo to music, eh?

    I was hoping you'd seen something exciting or funny
  • Boo to nuisance noise.
  • Who wouldn't want to listen to free music, you never know you may just become a fan of Stefflon Don.

    Young people having fun should definitely be banned.
  • When I last walked past it was Tim Westwood. He sounded like he was having loads of fun and he's in his 60s
  • Free, and no doubt worth every penny. This concept of “fun”—a silly sounding word, if ever there was—is un-British, and, following up after syphilis, is a cheap-and-nasty import from the Americas; The thin end of the unpleasant wedge which widens into chlorinated chicken and private health care.
  • (Yes, ban ALL fun... that’s to be had at the expense of others’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes, gardens, parks, and neighbourhoods.)
  • HolbornFox sorry, but your comparison makes no sense.
    Surely you understand that there's a world of difference between having fun, "free music" and having literally a ZOO of thousands and thousands of drunk and drugged kids shouting and brawling under your windows.
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    Did you not go to festivals and / or get wasted when you were young?

    I hope you never have or intend to go to Pride, Mardi Gras, Rio Carnival etc. because there's plenty of people that live in them areas as well.
  • Sometimes I think people forget they live in central london
  • If you balance out the pros and cons - pro, young people having fun, expressing themselves, money (in theory) to the park, great.

    But the cons are Finsbury park looking like a fortress for a couple of weeks, the lack of green space that is necessary for a city where most people don't have access to it, the army of security guards that make the park unpleasant while you're in there, and the bass that travels without the accompanying treble that makes the music a mind numbing beat that yes, does ruin somewhat the peace needed at the weekend.

    I'm sure there's more on both sides but for me, those cons outweigh massively the enjoyment of the people going to the festival- especially when there are literally hundreds of festivals less than an hour from london where the effect on the local environment is far less than the impact it has here.
  • p.s. trying to get a six year old to sleep while drill is playing is a curse I wouldn't wish on anyone...
  • Its less than half of the park that is fenced off, to be fair. There isn't a lack of space. I'm still able to walk the dog and baby there everyday.

    The thing that really gets me is the thinly veiled racism. (Not on this forum, btw)
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    O to M to the G it's the lesser spotted "well reasoned argument taking both sides into account".

    I hear you @cmo and actually agree but would you have cared when you were 17 and (hopefully) looked good in minimal clothing?

    It's a bit rich calling young people zoo animals for going out and having it large.

    I was in Lisbon by chance for Pride the other week and the free festival / rave there went on until 4am right in the main square, no drama.

    People who want more and more rules and regulations should read some recent history quite frankly.
  • I'm outside of the main catchment where you'd truly be affected by noise and disruption, and to be honest its kind of cool hearing some of the sounds that come out of the park. I remember Richard Ashcroft last year absolutely crystal clear from my back garden.

    .....BUT. If you live next to it, it must be awful. Vibrating house, super loud music, rubbish everywhere, roads and transport options changing, increased violence, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour, helicopters overhead till midnight. And that's from 2 days before it starts, and for 3 days solid. 5 days in total. So the question is, whats in it for them?...

    and the answer is nothing. The accessibility of the park is reduced, the desire to be there is reduced because it can be quite intimidating. No visible investment in the park showing us why the short term pain is worth the long term gain. We should have a park to be proud of, but its been falling to bits. Festivals make that even worse.

    I am pleased that they're doing the playground up. But i don't think its a coincidence that its being done at the same time as the festival. It would be easy to make a direct correlation between the two events wouldn't it. Festival money paying for the works. Why would it be scheduled for the summer when people use the playground more, rather than winter. Because its a better look for the council. Yet again, local residents are penalised.

    I want to see all this cash from all the festivals ploughed into the park to make it a place to visit. In the last 2 months alone I've visited Brockwell, Victoria, Olympic, Battersea, Paddington Rec....all because they have something to offer. Whats our unique selling point?

    Nobody has anything against young people having fun. I'm sure the same young people would have an issue if i stood outside their house and blasted Daniel O'Donnel at them for 3 days and dropped 6 pizza boxes in their front garden, and stopped them taking a shortcut they normally take to get to the shops. And i did that for 3-5 days.......
  • Out of curiousity, what's the festival/gig schedule at Finsbury Park? Whilst I definitely support the argument that its reasonable for the bigger parks to accommodate some festivals/gigs, and local authorities are under pressure to 'sweat their assets' it does feel the schedule at Finsbury Park is bit heavier than other large parks.

    By comparison Victoria Park used to have both Field Day in June and LoveBox in July which ended up with the park being affected (taking into account set up, take down period) for over 6 weeks. However a couple of years ago they brought in new festival, All Points East, instead taking place over a 10 day period at end of May - as a result the fencing and closures are condensed into a much shorter timeframe and locals and visitors have the park to themselves unaffected for most of the summer.
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