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    @dion now you bring the subject up, there has been remarkably little bollard action lately. One went down at the other end of Regina, but that is not the bollard I monitor. Two months ago it was unsettled but never went as far as going over. A month ago a dent occurred in the upper left section.

    I can only conclude from the following list:
    lorry drivers have become more careful or less frequent;
    the bollards themselves have more secure fixings (my evidence on this is based on some plugs that look like they have been put in the base); and/or
    the council have become incredibly efficient at putting it back - perhaps they have finally got that Smart Car pair to do something useful.

    Whatever the cause, things are definitely less troublesome for the bollard. I remain vigilant.

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    Now, I can't believe that the bollard has survived the riots.

    Please update with status.

  • The bollard has lasted 9 months or so now, so it is no longer the hapless soul I began to monitor. For what it is worth, I think the council decide to fix it to the stand at the bottom so it wouldn't fall over every time it was nudged. At some point a week or so ago it took a hell of a beating. It didn't topple, possibly due to my fixed base thesis, but it is in a sorry state.

  • Thanks for that Ian I hadn't been wondering how the survey was going until you mentioned it but am pleased to know that you are a  steadfast local citizen keeping an eye on all things bollard :)

  • dear bollard fans,

    as a longtime fan of this thread i would like to say-

    i agree that sg n finsbury park bollards need our support,they stand there doing a good job in all weathers, year after year,they never complain, or throw a sicky and they show classic british stoicism n stiff upper lip service to the local community...

    if the bollard falls down;just pick it up,put it back in place,press down on it with all your weight and it pops back into place.No need to email auntie islington council.  

    ive put many a knocked down bollard back into its rightfull place - and it gives an enormous sense of satisfaction.


    on twitter there is a twitter account called something like "bollards of london " a fine tribute to these fine upstanding gentlemen of the road so to speak...

    if you cant be bothered to help a bollard back to his upstanding place in the community after white van man has knocked him over after mistiming the corner then email islington council on

    carry on 

  • The illuminated bollards on Florence Road, at the junction of Lorne Road, have been knocked down three times in the last four months. I can't work out if someone is doing it on purpose. Surely they are easy enough to see? The last time it happened was last Saturday at about 8am. There was a big bang and the car left half its exhaust pipe behind. Joyriders perhaps? Someone has now replaced one of the bollards with a traffic cone which I think looks rather beautiful now that it is illuminated.

  • @lololala perhaps the problem is that that your bollards don't have a champion. When I mentioned the battering the bollard had taken (above) next time I looked it had been replaced. I can only conclude Islington monitor this bollard due to its prominence on this site ...

  • That one in Lornr Road was hit because it was suspectedto be part of the root of the stink which the street is infamous for. Not true tho, I think . Chang

  • Man down MAN DOWN. Photo later...

  • What's the damage? DOA or retrievable?

  • I love this thread! Those poor, brave bollards :(

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    The bollard is already fixed back in place. The internet is a magical thing.

  • My local bollard! weeps a little

  • To be clear, there is only one bollard I monitor - that is the one. The rest are on their own.

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