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As I'll now be working from home in Finsbury Park, I was wondering if any of you had any recommendations for good lunch spots? Where are the best places for takeaway sandwiches and salads on Stroud Green Road?


  • Finsbury Park cafe by the lake is actually ace, so long as you don't mind kids or have a set of noise-cancelling earphones if you stay inside. (WiFi when it's working.) You can get away from the kids and dogs on the outside tables. Takeaway I suppose but might be a bit far from civilisation. AVOID Monday and Thursday mornings when its the blasted toddlers group, unless you like a sing-a-long. Double loyalty card points on a Tuesday. I always have the chicken wrap.
  • Max's has the best takeaway sandwiches in the country, let alone SGR. I'm fond of the Vietnamese-style baguettes at the cafe south of Tollington Park.
  • Cats do a nice lunchtime deal but it is eat in only
  • If you want a hearty no-frills sandwich (eat in or take-away) I'm a massive fan of Molens
  • ^Molens is a great shout the Exeter Bakery across the road do paninis as well... Street N4 also do a burrito/chips/drink lunch deal - but if you can eat a burrito that size for lunch without needing a nap afterwards, you're a better person than I am
  • Shout out for Gadz in Clifton Terrace as well, avoid his stale cakes but his filled pittas are quite special and interesting (and cheap), it looks a totally grotty place full of down-and-outs but you don't judge a book by its cover.
  • I seconds Gadz too. I have never been to Maxs' but I would be astonished if Max could make anything better than Hussein Falafal wrap. At £4 it is the one of the nicest things I have ever tasted.
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    Yes, falafel wrap. Hussein let me off a tea last Thursday because I beat @checkski at chess. Just saying. I think Hussein is a bit of a betting man. :-)
  • + 1 for Gadz wraps, not mad for the chicken but the falafel is lovely, and I like the coffee out of there.

    The 12 Pins does a lovely burger, you can sit outside and it's cheap, although I hope it stays the same now it's been refurbished.

    Not heard good things about the Cypriot place near Yeats, shame as it looks pretty authentic.

    Max doesn't open in the day as far as I know but me and the boss share one sandwich as they're so mahoosive, £8 or £9 I think, and a gentleman.
  • ^ correct, Max's only opens at 5 during the week... and is closed completely monday + tuesday it really is the absolute best though.
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  • I have never seen Yak and Yeti busy.
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    Another vote for Gadz and the falafels wraps. I also like some breaded meat croquettes there, not sure what they are called.
  • Q&T Vietnamese Kitchen is my current favourite. Cheap, fresh, healthy and very tasty food. Emono at the station is also a good lunch, excellent kebab wraps.
  • think Yak and Yeti do most of their trade via takeaway tbh. the restaurant is always completely empty - but don't let that fool you, the food is fantastic.
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    They have a branch in Bromley somewhere that I seem to drive past from time to time, that's got a lot more soul aesthetically speaking.
  • Amazed no one's mentioned Jai Krishna. It's great for lunch but the starters are loads better than the mains except the specials. They do takeaway too. Boulangerie Bon Matin do nice salads, but it's a bit £££. E Mono is seconded though they only have the takeaway stall now - ditto Q&T though I've not tried the rival yet. Gadz fourthed.
  • The sandwiches at Italian Farmers are not cheap (£5-6) or absolutely massive but they are filling enough and absolutely delicious, especially on the sourdough bread. Gadz is good, and the Street N4 lunch deal also includes burgers, which are good. The new Vietnamese place is pretty damn good too, and good value for lunch. I ate at Cats once and thought it mediocre at best. Front Room is OK - better food than BBM.
  • Lunch at Piccolo Diavolo is one of life's great simple pleasures. You can opt for either a sandwich or something off the main menu. Treat yourself to carbonara and a glass of red wine.
  • Never got the fascination with cats.

    I had the seafood linguini at Piccolo Diavolo when it opened it was epic, is that still on the menu? Came served in foil.
  • @ HolbornFox

    Yes it is still on the menu. Totally yummy!
  • Piccolo Diavolo menu items are quite pricy, but very good. I occasionally treat myself to the lamb chops, which are really excellent.
  • Even seem to remember the cakes at at Piccolo Diavolo being awesome as well, i fancy a glass of Frascati now
  • I am in Whitstable. Which reminds me - where is the nearest place to SG where one can get some shucked oysters and a glass of Guinness these days since Tony's cockle stall closed?
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