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  • ericksoe - I emailed Hannah and she wrote a very pleasant email back. Best to email her (addrss in her post above) then she will put your email address on the circulation list. See you in September!
  • We once put out 2 manky sofas overnight for collection by Islington early next morning, with a note pinned to it explaining this. An hour later, we found that our sofas had been neatly replaced with even mankier ones, with the note pinned back on th…
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    in [...] Comment by keithuk May 2018
  • I'm going. There was a great one last weekend the other side of Muswell Hill, and another on Sunday 10 June in the Grove, Highgate Village (from 2pm)
    in [...] Comment by keithuk May 2018
  • Interested to join (but can't make the March date). Is it always the 3rd Wednesday of the month?
  • Hello all, I've lived here (just by Pooles Park school) for over 30 years and have just come across the forum, which seems really lively and useful.  I'm interested in local history so lots of good stuff there - I like the links to old maps. I'm a p…