Farmers Market STARTING 10th September!



  • Count me in for a stall if you have some vintage and handmade stalls nearer to Christmas. I am a maker of lovely things.
  • Alfie: Yes I agree. I'm trying to persuade a brilliant market gardener to bring their flowers but it's uncertain whether they'll be able to make it regularly. If that falls through I'll look for another! Any ideas? The best florist I know of around here is urban flower in Crouch End but as others have said a primary producer is normally preferable...
  • Miss Annie: Thank you! That would be brilliant. There'll definitely be a "Christmas party" style market as the last of the year, but I'm sure you could come a few weeks before that if you wanted. I'd love to have a look & find out more about your things so do send me a PM about it if you'd like...
  • @Alfie.Stroud Green Christmas Market? Now that is the best idea i have heard for long while.
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    Oof! Nothing against those who enthuse about Christmas, but (and I write this just in the interest of balance) Christmas stuff at a farmers' market would put me right off.
  • There is already a Stroud Green Winter/Christmas Market. @StroudGreenWI organise it every year.
  • Indeed, we are already planning for it! The next Stroud Green WInter Fair will be on the 25th November at the Stapleton.
  • Christmas Markets don't usually have heaps of Christmas stuff. It's usually lively things that might make nice gifts.
  • I agree, miss annie; that's what hopefully ours will be like. Always - a farmers market first & foremost. We don't really want to compete with anybody, surely the more interesting things going on in an area the better? But it's good idea not to host special events on the same day as others so thanks for pointing out the WI's Christmas market...
  • Looking forward to this. ALthough Ally Pally market is worth a trip ( or was, i haven't been in ages) it will be wonderful to have a market like this on the doorstep. We'll be there with our shopping bags!!
  • I've had a leaflet through the door, so I see publicity is getting under way!
  • Hooray! I've only just started doing this, much later than I meant to. I have 13000 to go - any help much appreciated in exchange for a loaf of bread & a huge heap of thanks!
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    I would happily help, but I'm very far away right now :disappointed:

    Edit: also gluten-intolerant :cry: :wink:
  • Harpistic: thanks anyway! Come & say hello when you're back...and you can have a slice of GF cake.
  • @Ned I definitely will! - and thanks!
  • Thanks Ali...needs updating already, especially the producer page. I'm afraid I'm not good enough at websites & haven't quite got enough time to keep it in the loop - we've got a few extra stalls to those mentioned & one or two can't make it yet or will only come twice a month. The best thing is just to come along on Sunday and see what you find!
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    That site has been built with Squarespace, did you do it?
  • @Ned If you need a hand with the website, just give me a shout - and I hope everything's coming along very well for Sunday!
  • Thanks harpistic...i'll see this time next week when I have a chance to look at it again (yes I'm supposed to be running it, although actually it's been more my housemate so far)
  • Guys,
    THANK YOU once more for your comments since I first posted earlier this year. The 1st market is THIS SUNDAY at Stroud green school. Do come and please bring as many people friends family & strangers as you can drag along. We've got a good selection of stalls - some people aren't starting until next week and some can't commit in fact until later this year, so if you don't see something that I've mentione, or that you were hoping for, don't worry, just ask me (I'll be around, probably selling bags) and I'll fill you in with who's coming when & of course I'll listen to all your suggestions.

    See you SUnday! Thanks again...
  • Good luck with it today, hopefully the rain holds off, will try and pop by.
  • I've just left the market, and it looks to be going very well! Lots of people, interesting stalls, fabulously well-filled bacon pitta breads. There will be coffee about noon, the chap had some technical issues with his machine... Excellent addition to the area, long may it continue!
  • I think we missed the bread, maybe we arrived to late.
    There was great stalls and already quite a lot of people!
    Just bought some nice cheeses, pies, meat and a few beers.

    Not sure about the ugly artworks in the entrance and the birthday cards though...
    Let's make sure it stays focus on food.

    With a bit of music and a few more stalls it will be perfect.
    Thanks a lot Ned for organising this.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    What an absolute delight! Loved everything there! Can't wait for next weekend.
  • Looked great! Arrived around 1 so I think lots had been sold by then, so will get there early next time. Agree about the cards stall, stick to food. Great addition to the area, hope it grows.
  • Thank you for your feedback...I couldn't believe how many of you came yesterday.

    Those traders who sold out early have promised to bring more next time, which means more bread & pastries, more breakfast baps, more pies, more cake. And Billy has promised to be ready at ten o'clock so there'll be no hanging around for coffee!

    The farms and producers who weren't here yesterday but are definitely coming this time include: TWO fruit & veg stall (one biodyamic & one normal), fresh fish & garlic farm (who also cook amazing dumplings). These are the real farm producers who have been the most popular for years on other markets, and I think that with them it will be better as a place to come back for groceries each time.

    Apart from this there will be more hot food options soon, charcuterie (probably this sunday), and I am trying to find someone talented to sell fresh pasta, along with italian delicacies like olive oil etc. (Any ideas? Has to be a small & preferably local business, especially for the pasta)

    Besides the stalls the biggest difference next time will be having tables benches & chairs to sit on (I did mean this to happen yesterday just got a bit busy with other things...). I believe it could be more child & family friendly & am trying to remember the name of a face-painter I spoke to last week. What else would be nice? Balloons etc?

    Please, please all of you will you come back regularly if you liked it, and please keep everyone informed that this was not a one-off party but a regular thing that will be here forever if enough people visit.

    Thank you again!
    Soon: which way did you come in? don't remember ugly artworks...was it the wine stall?
  • Yep, there was some square artworks on the wine seller car I think.
    No big deal, just think it would be better to focus on food.

    What about a bit of music for the atmosphere?
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