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  • ^Molens is a great shout the Exeter Bakery across the road do paninis as well... Street N4 also do a burrito/chips/drink lunch deal - but if you can eat a burrito that size for lunch without needing a nap afterwards, you're a better person than …
  • Ashley Walters (but he'll always be Asher D to me) walking past Max's the other day Can neither confirm nor deny whether he was smokin mad G's like a Jamaican
  • thanks @Ilovegreyhounds !
  • i too am looking for a cleaner so all recommendations and details would be much appreciated! thx all
  • i've become something approaching a regular here - genuinely think the burritos are great, the lunch deal is ridiculously good value and the chips are like the best version of mcdonalds fries ever.  it's a dangerous place to have on my doorstep. HOW…
  • HA how did I miss Kimchi Stryder - genius!this menu does seem like more of the same though - is this just yet another re-brand from the same people?  will give it a try when it opens regardless.
  • park tavern is rammed all the time, especially on weekends.  they're doing just fine.
  • so hyped for the new noble already!  even in the pre-refurb state they already have beers from kernel, beavertown and siren on tap and that, my friends, is enough to make me very happy.
  • decor is a bit forced but, food-wise, it's already left a better impression than Rub/Brisket/Generic BBQ Restaurant #7 Yet to try the burgers but enjoyed a chicken burrito the other day - generous portion, good fillings and the 'spicy' option is ACT…
  • i've got my hopes up for an art supplies/bookshop or something similar, but just assume it'll be some form of cafe tbh.
  • blargh, what a mess.  just the latest in a long line of shoddy management behaviour since the totally unncessary (and awful) refurb. shame as it was the nicest of the nearby options.
  • great place - got an absolutely banging loaf from there yesterday and everyone in there was lovely, friendly and helpful.  cheese looked great as well. they also have house red & white wine on tap so that you can bring a bottle and top it up for…
  • looking forward to this place getting some ales in - lovely pub, but ales are definitely missed.  common problem with the pubs round here TBH.  somethings amiss when the best ale taps are at the wetherspoons of all places... i'd be all over some hip…
  • If I hear this guy singing "One Love" in that cod-Jamaican accent ONE MORE time...