Are you too scared to cycle in London?



  • For the first time in 6 months I decide to get the train to Sutton instead of cycling. There is a electrical explosion in Sutton so all trains diverted. I am never getting the train again.
  • That's what you get for going to Sutton. *spits* (I have no good memories of living there; I'm a northern girl, after all.)<br><br>How long does it take you by bike, Sutent? I'm busy this week, by the way, and will pop down to Chelsea next week. Will let you know so we can go for a coffee or something. <br>
  • For all of you who have been waiting for this: Stella got fined today! <br><br>I was going to do a few lapse in Camden and went--as usual--over that bridge, when a nice police officer waved at me. I honestly had no clue what's wrong (apparently I'm immune to huge white letters painted onto the floor, saying no skating, no cycling). Never seen that to be honest. <br><br>So that's 60 quid and the PC and I had a bit of a giggle as I said that I sometimes are naughty. <br>
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  • I suppose I'll choose a different way to cycle into the park. I really had no clue and was quite surprised. All fair enough, I think. For me it was the only safe way to enter as I get lost so easily. Had I known it's not allowed, I'd possibly not even chosen that way. <br>
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  • Which part of Camden stella?
  • I know. I thought I'd post it so that people can slap their thighs accompanied by a loud 'yes!'. Given the amount of cheeky law bending I have done in the past (and probably will still do), it's not too bad. (The PC's comment, by the way, hence our giggle.) <br>The funny thing is: he was gone when I'd done my first lapse, so it was just 'unlucky'. Anyway, I know now that I need to find a different way into the park and will do that. <br><br>On a different note: I had to shout 'fucking wanker!' at a driver today, to quickly let go of my anger as that guy changed lanes so suddenly, without indicating and looking, that only my quick reaction saved me from hitting him. I was going pretty fast on the left lane and he just drove in my way. I had no chance of moving to the left or right to avoid a collision. Thank goodness for my great brakes. That could have been nasty. <br>
  • Sutent: the outer circle. I came from that err. road. No idea what it's called. With the Chinese restaurant on it. Then went over that small bridge, slowly and carefully, as usual and then saw that officer waving at me. I wondered if he'll tell me off for wearing earphones or so. lol Oops.<br>
  • Red Chinese restaurant on the canal?
  • That's the  one.<br>
  • Am sorry Stella. I think a telling off would of been enough. Unfortunately the cops need to fill their cycling quota
  • Yeah, that's what I thought, but as I said, fair enough. <br>
  • My mate told me yesterday that he had a crash with his bike. A car clipped him and he ended up with bruised ribs and a sore bum. :-(<br><br>Other than that he's okay. <br>
  • Glad that he's ok.  Hopefully he won't let it put him off cycling.
  • Brompton have open a shop in Long Acre  very posh looking  aka an Apple Store
  • Nah, he's grand. It was one of those situations where you can't possibly see danger lurking. I had the same just recently, but was way luckier as I slowed down, expecting the unexpected. <br><br>He basically went along a stationary line of cars and in the front was a lorry that left a small gap for cars to turn into the side road. According to my friend, the car drove far too quickly into the side road and hit my friend who happened to pass the lorry at the same time. Car driver had a go at him. Well, sorry, car driver, but you should make sure that you enter such gaps carefully. Just another case of 'not considering cyclists'. It hasn't sunk it yet that there's always a possibility of a cyclist moving when traffic is stationary. Pedestrians see a bus not moving and run into the road, or make a dash for the pavement. And car drivers just assume the road's clear. <br>
  • I have had a few near misses with parked cars suddenly opening the door on the side of the road. People should look before getting out of their cars!
  • Oh, yes, forgot to mention that. Almost got hit by a van door in Oxford Road the other day. That was really, really close. Maybe an inch or so.<br>
  • Black cabs in London are another problem. Passengers just open the door without looking
  • True. If I see one slowing down, I slow down automatically, too. Ah, there's so much out there and if something's bound to happen, then it will. I don't think you can avoid everything. Cycling with your eyes wide open and common sense should help preventing most incidents.<br><br><br>
  • Its a shame its too cold at 630 am in the morning for shorts. Looking forward to the cycle home
  • It's also too early at 6.30am to cycle. I wouldn't even know my name at that time.<br>
  • The evenings are lovely now as Camden market food stalls are open late. Food from all round the world smells so lovely! 
  • Stella regarding your friend's accident, too often cars turn quickly into blind junctions (I assume this is what you meant) with no way of knowing what is round the corner. You do have to be very careful when overtaking stationary traffic though. I usually avoid it if I'm not sure.
  • No, it was on a long stretch and the driver turned into a side street. My friend couldn't see the car that had left a gap as a lorry blocked the sight. Happened to me, too, just that I slowed down, but if I had been one second faster/earlier, I'd have been a bonnet figure.<br>
  • Beautiful day to cycle. Because I always get lost, I decided to take a well-known route (to me) and pedalled a good two hours at quite a speed. Very cathartic, I must say. On my way back, at the corner of Hornsey Rd/Seven Sisters Rd., where I wanted to turn right, the driver behind me didn't really know how long his (rented) car was and nonchalantly bumped into me--just a tiny bit, but enough for me to notice. Now that's a first. He then tried to overtake me from the left when I wasn't fast enough for him, but I placed myself in the middle of the lane and he had to stay back until I felt it was safe to get into the bus lane. Cursed briefly before I continued singing along my music.<br>Also had a few close overtakes in the city. One made me laugh later: an Audi stood in the cycle box. No big deal (to me), he then proceeded to speed forwards and pull into my lane before me in order to turn left, just to learn that it's not possible. So he had to pull back in and was stuck behind a bus, whereas I merrily went along inside the stationary traffic. Had me laugh out loud. I rarely have those moments, but that was a funny one. <br>I don't get in a tiff when someone overtakes me too closely; I'm quite okay on my bike, but I'm worried if it's someone who'd not as confident. Mind, I'd think if someone's wobbly, they probably leave more space. This close overtaking is particularly difficult when you start at a traffic light as getting in the swing again, especially when it's on an incline. <br><br>But what a wonderful ride, apart from this. :-) Hope everyone enjoyed the weather. <br>
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  • I saw the aftermath of that accident I think :-(<br>
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